Most states allow about 10 days to register the car in your name. If a car’s been in a serious accident, fire or flood, and was “totaled” by the insurance company it still might be driveable. However, the insurance company will issue a “salvage title” to alert future buyers. Steer clear of cars with a salvage title because it kills the resale value, and the car might still have hidden problems. Checking multiple dealers online and comparing value also can save money, even if that involves widening the geographic area of your search.

  • Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a huge headache.
  • We shouldn’t forget that newer models often have advantages over their older counterparts.
  • If you have problems that aren’t covered by a written warranty, see if there’s protection from one of these implied warranties.

When you’re shopping for used cars in Orlando, the process isn’t that much different than what buyers go through when looking at new vehicles. Not only do you have different makes and models available in our wide selection, but there are also different features that each pre-owned vehicle provides. Whether you’re browsing our used car specials in Orlando, click here to find car or are just beginning the search to update your transportation, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. In fact, there are some tips and tricks that every potential car owner should consider when they’re looking at getting a pre-owned vehicle. When buying a used car from a dealer, the financing process is very similar to shopping for a new car.

Victim Services

Even further savings can be made if you purchase an older vehicle. A five-year-old car will typically have lost around 60% of its value. So, our $30,000 example vehicle can be yours for around $12,000 five years down the line. Taking these figures into account, buying a vehicle that’s 2-3 years old means you’re getting a nearly new vehicle while taking none of the depreciation hit yourself.

Research Used Vehicle Values

Whether the car is being sold by a dealer or individual, you’ll want to focus on important aspects of the vehicle. Before getting behind the steering wheel, give it a proper inspection. Balding tires, torn seats and faded paint are all signs of neglect, improper care or deeper issues. Sometimes the car will give a literal warning sign, such as a check engine light.

If you want MP3 playback or fog lights, don’t be afraid to add it to your list! The more specific you are, the higher chance you’ll have at finding something within your needs and wants. Buying a great used car is absolutely within your reach. When I totaled my last car, I was commuting an hour in each direction. I knew that I needed to replace the car quickly to maintain my work schedule, and I immediately went to look at a Toyota Yaris. It was perfect on paper, reliable and budget-friendly.

Not Running A Vehicle History Report

If you buy a used car that is no longer covered by the manufactures warranty, you are at risk for expensive repairs. In our extended warranty section, we review high quality warranty sites like CARCHEX. They offer extended warranties at much lower prices than you will find at dealerships.

This process is exactly what it sounds like, and is an official offer from a dealer to buy your car based on the Kelley Blue Book value. It saves the hassle of negotiating a trade-in at a dealership or having low-ball text offers from strangers if trying to sell on your own. If you’re at a dealer, even if you have a preapproved loan to pay for the car, the dealership’s finance manager will probably offer to beat the terms of the loan.