Why can't I login with my correct Login ID and password?

If you activate two-step verification for your Microsoft account, you must use App Password instead of your regular password to login. Click here to found out how to generate your App Password.

How to select multiple messages?

In messages list, tap and hold for 1 second. Checkboxes will appear on the side where you can check to select messages. Once selected you can mark them as read or delete them.

How to signout or remove account?

Go to MailBuzzr settings, in the Accounts list tap the account to go to account detail. In the account detail, tap ‘Remove’ button.

Can I mark message as read, delete, or reply quickly from message list?

Yes, you can. Message can be swiped to the left and right to perform quick action, you can perform short, medium, and long swipe to the message and icon will change according to the action and release it to perform the action.

  • Short swipe to the right: Mark as read/unread
  • Medium swipe to the right: Archive message
  • Long swipe to the right: Delete message
  • Short swipe to the left: Reply/Forward message
  • Medium swipe to the left: Move message to another folder
  • Long swipe to the left: Mark message as spam

How to move to the next or previous message?

When you are reading a message, you can move to previous or next message by swiping to the left or right

Can I do quick action when reading message?

While reading a message, you can pull down the message to reveal most used actions such as Reply, Forward, Archive, and Delete.

You can also click the Grid icon on the top to show all available actions.

Why don't I receive push notifications?

Please go to your device Settings->Notification Center->M@Hotmail and make sure Badges, Sounds, and Banner is set to ON

Also make sure that Silent Mode in MailBuzzr settings is not enabled.