A sleek, smart, and beautiful iOS app for Hotmail and Outlook with customizable push notifications


Gesture Actions

To achieve the best user experience, actions are performed with gesture to hide unnecessary clutter


Swipe Action

Mark message as read, reply, archive, and delete message with a swipe


Pinch Zoom

Pinch in and out to adjust summary size of your inbox, view more information at a glance


Long Tap

Tap and hold to select multiple messages and perform action in a group

Multiple Accounts

Account icons are displayed neatly so you can switch between them swiftly with a single tap.

Access to All Folders

Get access to all main folders as well as user created folders with MailBuzzr.


Personalized Push Notifications

Customize notification’s sound

Customize the notification sounds according to sender, subject, and the content of message. MailBuzzr enables you to differentiate message by it’s sound.

Message importance level

The lowest level will give you subtle vibrate when the message arrive while the highest level will keep notifying you until the message is read.

Silent Mode

We know you hate being distracted during specific time. Set when you want to receive push notifications.